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Securely store your data/content assets using magnetic tape storage technology.


Far from being an obsoleted technology, tape storage is ever more relevant in this age of seemingly unceasing data security breaches and malware/ ransomware attacks. MagStor LTO Tape Storage/Archive Solutions help you pro- tect your valuable data/ content assets.

Featured Hardware


The First Certified Thunderbolt 3™ Tape Drive in the World!

  • Apple and Intel Certified for MAC and PC.

  • MagStor TRB3-HL7 Desktop LTO7 6TB LTFS Tape Drive with Thunderbolt™ 3 Interface 

  • MagStor TRB3-HL8 Desktop LTO8 12TB LTFS Tape Drive with Thunderbolt™ 3 Interface 

Tape. The data archive solution.

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