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Backblaze B2 Reserve is a partner program cloud solution.


Predictable, affordable pricing is our calling card, but for a long time our Channel Partners have had a harder time than other customers when it came to accessing this value. Backblaze B2 Reserve brings them a capacity-based, annualized SKU which works seamlessly with channel billing models. The offering also provides seller incentives, Tera-grade support, and expanded migration services to empower the channel’s acceleration of cloud storage adoption and revenue growth.

The main difference between Backblaze B2 Reserve and Backblaze B2 is the way the service is packaged and sold. Backblaze B2 uses a consumption model—you pay for what you use. Backblaze B2 Reserve uses a capacity model—you pay for a specific amount of storage up front.

Over an Exabyte stored & 50+ billion files recovered.

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